PNA Board “Bergamot Transit Village Center” Letter of Opposition to City Council, January 27, 2014

PNA Board letter banner

To:       Santa Monica City Council

From:   Pico Neighborhood Association (PNA)

Date:   January 27, 2014

Re:       Bergamot Transit Village Center, DA 10-002, item 7A

The PNA OPPOSES the overall proposed development & the development agreement as proposed by the developer (Hines) and we feel that the developer can make significant improvements to the project & the community benefits being offered to offset the burden that the development will create for our residents, especially residents in close proximity to the development.

The development proposed will have a major impact on Pico Neighborhood residents. The Pico Neighborhood Association (PNA) board is the elected body representing more than 12,000 residents in the Pico Neighborhood encompassed by Pico Blvd, Colorado Ave. east of 20th St., Santa Monica Blvd. west of 20th St., Centinela Ave., and Lincoln Blvd.   The Pico Neighborhood is home to the City’s most ethnically, generational and economically diverse area in Santa Monica.
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PNA Board “MANGo” Letter to City Council

PNA Board letter banner
Date:    January 17, 2014

To:       The Santa Monica Mayor and City Councilmembers:

From:   Pico Neighborhood Association (PNA), Oscar de la Torre, PNA Co-Chair

Re:       Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway – MANGo

The purpose of this letter is to express our concerns related to the MANGo “Draft Improvements Map” presented in a community meeting at Virginia Avenue Park by City staff on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, and to demand that the voice of Pico Neighborhood residents be heard and respected.
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The PNA Survey found an overall acceptance of the MANGo project

Responses to Yes-No Questions

The PNA Survey found an overall acceptance of the MANGo project among those residents of the Pico Neighborhood taking part in the survey. (Please see * below)

There was a general acceptance of:
Head-in parking between Michigan and Olympic Drive/ I-10
Posted speed limit
Digital speed monitors
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City Staff Fail to Include Resident Input

Pico Neighborhood Residents Surveyed R.E. MANGo project
Pico Neighborhood Residents Surveyed R.E. MANGo project

After the POP-UP MANGo in September 2013, the PNA determined that community input gathered on post-its and little scraps of paper at these events and workshops was inadequate and did not legitimately survey or address the concerns of local residents.  Thus, the PNA board voted to conduct a survey in order to gather legitimate community input from residents in the Pico Neighborhood, particularly in the areas most directly impacted by the proposed MANGo.

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PNA Opposes Bergamot Development Agreement

3-12PressCon3The Pico Neighborhood has a history of being buffeted and changed by City planners and developers. Discrimination, market pressures, and city government decisions have all had a profound effect on the stability of the neighborhood. In addition to the tremendous impact the freeway had on the neighborhood, the City continues to propose and approve development projects that set the stage for a deterioration of the quality of life for Pico Neighborhood residents. The Bergamot Transit Village Center development has not taken into account in it’s planning the impact of traffic, affordable housing, green space, adequate environmental review and relevant community benefits.


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Zoning Ordinance Update Lacks Community Input

trailerRapid development continues to bring rapid gentrification and displacement.  With the construction of the light rail in Santa Monica and the push for Transportation Oriented Development (TOD) our residents will be threatened by new commercial development, traffic, increase in air pollution and by a relentless housing market that continues to generate significant rent increases and high priced condominiums that very few residents can afford.

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