The PNA Survey found an overall acceptance of the MANGo project

Responses to Yes-No Questions

The PNA Survey found an overall acceptance of the MANGo project among those residents of the Pico Neighborhood taking part in the survey. (Please see * below)

There was a general acceptance of:
Head-in parking between Michigan and Olympic Drive/ I-10
Posted speed limit
Digital speed monitors

There was varied acceptance of other features:
The most popular features were:
–Enhanced crosswalks
–Pedestrian lighting
–Repair and maintenance of existing features
–Mini-parks with shrubs and flower boxes

Medium ranked features were:
–Replacing trees and adding more trees
–Sharrows and signs
–Traffic circles
–Public art

The least popular features were:
–Wayfinding signs
–Bike detection at signals

Our recommendation is to incorporate the most popular features into the MANGo
Conceptual Design.

* The Survey found an overwhelming rejection of the plan to install traffic diverters at 11th
and Michigan, and at Lincoln Ct. and Michigan.

Our Recommendation: Take all traffic diverters and barricades off the table.
Consider the use of signage at 11th and Michigan restricting westbound traffic on
Michigan during peak hours only.  Do not consider restrictive signage at Lincoln
Blvd. or Lincoln Ct. and Michigan.

There was also considerable negative response to any loss of parking.
Our Recommendation: Take any loss of parking off the table.

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