Council Approves Bergamot Transit Village DA and Ignites Citizen Referendum

PNA Board letter bannerspacer_50
The Hines project at Bergamot Transit Village, according to their own EIR, will generate nearly 7,000 new car trips each day.

Traffic is already gridlocked in many parts of Santa Monica throughout the day, and at rush hour – “fuggedaboutit.” Now if one were to line up those additional 7,000 cars bumper-to-bumper in two lanes on the I-10 freeway, they would stretch from Lincoln Blvd. all the way to downtown L.A.

Residocracy is a grassroots campaign organized by residents to allow Santa Monica voters to decide whether or not they want the increased traffic and development from the Hines project.

A petition is currently being circulated to put a Referendum on the ballot which would allow voters to decide. To qualify approximately 6100 signatures are necessary and these must be turned in by March 14, 2014.

For information on the Hines project and the Referendum please go to

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