City Council backs the PNA on the MANGo

PNA Board letter bannerspacer_25

On Tuesday 2/11/14, the City Council listened carefully to public comments regarding the Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway and voted unanimously to support the PNA’s position which was “Yes on the MANGo – No on traffic diverters.”  Thus the MANGo project passed Council WITHOUT the inclusion of traffic diverters and barricades.

As chair of the PNA MANGo sub-committee, I am grateful for Council’s support of our position which was based on broad opposition to diverters and barricades among hundreds of local residents according to our PNA Survey and, more recently, our Petition.

The Neighborhood Council supported the PNA’s position against diverters as did SMRR.  The only opposition came from members of organized bicycle groups, not one of whom lived in the neighborhood that would be encapsulated if diverters/barricades were installed.

Those of us for the MANGo, but against traffic diverters and barricades, are not ideologues – we are not outsiders – we are not pseudo new urbanists.  We are the people – the residents of the neighborhood who would be most negatively impacted if traffic diverters were to be installed.
I’m attaching our MANGo MAP With DATA 2-11-14.

The “Red Dots” indicate those residents against diverters and barricades.  The “Yellow Dots” indicate those in favor.  It’s not even close.  The neighborhood overwhelmingly rejected diverters and barricades.  We will continue gathering signatures on our petition in order to fortify our position in case there is any attempt to amend the resolution that was passed by Council on 2/11/14.

Gloria E. Garvin, PhD
PNA Boardmember
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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