PNA Membership Elects New Board Members & Sets New PNA Boundaries

During the PNA Annual Membership Meeting we help PNA Board elections.


The following people were elected to the PNA Board.

Catherine Eldridge-  Catherine was re-elected to the PNA Board. She has lived in Santa Monica and the Pico Neighborhood for over 20 years. She is a tireless advocate for Village Trailer Park mobile home residents which is within the Pico Neighborhood. Catherine has been a long time advocate for affordable housing in Santa Monica through her participation in the Santa Monica for Renters’ Rights (SMRR). She will continue to be a voice for Pico Neighborhood residents in City Hall.

Jamie Schloss– Jamie was raised in Santa Monica, SAMOHI class of 1981, who moved to Pico Neighborhood January 1st . Except for college, he has lived in or around Santa Monica since 1970. Formerly, he was on the Pacific Palisades Neighborhood Council and the local Marquez Knolls Homeowner’s Association Board for two years. He graduated from the Haas school of Business at UC Berkeley in 1985 and from USC Law Center in 1998. I passed the California Bar Exam in 1988 and have practiced law, mostly civil litigation for individuals and small businesses, since that time. He is ready to present his ideas on how the PNA can improve our neighborhood.

Lorriane Sanchez– Lorraine is a long time resident of Santa Monica. As a community health nurse with a MA degree in nursing, she has worked in a variety of settings predominately as an administrator of home health care agencies. Upon retiring, she spent 2 yrs as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador she became active in Friends of Sunset Park Neighborhood Association. She recently moved to the Pico Neighborhood and has since been involved as a volunteer with the PNA.




PNA Western Boundary

Pico Neighborhood Association voted to change the western PNA boundary from the Pacific Ocean to Ocean Ave.


PNA Northern Boundary

Pico Neighborhood Association voted to change the boundaries to include Saint Anne Catholic Church by expanding the PNA north boundary from the south side of Colorado Blvd to end on the North side of Colorado between 20th Street and Cloverfield Blvd. and extend the boundary of 20th Street to end on the eastern side of 20th Street.


PNA Boundaries:


Northern Boundary= Colorado Blvd.

Southern Boundary= Pico Blvd.

Eastern Boundary= Centinela Ave.

Western Boundary= Ocean Ave.

New City Manager, Rick Cole Speaks at the PNA Annual Membership Meeting

PNA annual membership meeting- City Manager
City Manager Rick Cole speaking with Pico Neighborhood resident.

On July 11th the PNA had its annual membership meeting at Virginia Ave. Park. We had more than 70 members and residents present at the membership meeting. We welcomed the new City Manager, Rick Cole as our guest speaker. The Pico Neighborhood is the first neighborhood he visits in Santa Monica. He spoke about working closely with residents to better understand their needs and explore ways to align resources and services to all neighborhoods. His presentation was followed with questions from our members and residents.

We look forward to working with City Manager Rick Cole to improve the quality of life for our residents. In particular in addressing the impacts of gentrification due to “Transit Oriented Development” in connection with the light rail that will launch in 2016.

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