PNA Board Meeting August 11 2016

Pico Neighborhood Association Meeting.

Virginia Ave Park, Thelma Terry Room 7Pm till 9PM

Pico Neighborhood Association
Whole Foods Development Project proposes an exit for delivery trucks
on to Kansas Ave. The PNA Board has received numerous emails and
phone calls regarding a proposal by Whole Foods and the City of Santa
Monica to create an exit for delivery trucks on to Kansas Ave. This
project is considered a “By Right” project which means that it falls
within the parameters of the zoning ordinance of the City of Santa
Monica. However, it isn’t clear how the “By Right” definition extends to
creating easements/exits on to a residential street for the use of delivery
The concerns are the following:
Edison Elementary is on Kansas Ave., which is used as a drop off
for parents. The street is already congested and adding trucks will
only make it worse.
Kansas Ave. is a narrow street where cars have to take turns in
order to drive thru. Adding delivery trucks on to Kansas will create
an congestion and inhibit circulation.
Public safety of pedestrians is a major concern. There are many
families that live on Kansas and there is fear that the additional
congestion caused by trucks will compromise the safety of
pedestrians in the area.
Historical Inventory- Pico Neighborhood
The PNA will discuss ways to contribute in the Pico Neighborhood
historical inventory.
PNA Annual Membership Meeting
We will be deciding on a date for the annual membership meting
and discuss the program for the event. Join us as we work to
engage Pico Neighborhood residents in annual membership