Stop Pro-gentrification Zoning Policies in Santa Monica

What was intended by Pico Neighborhood leaders to be used as a zoning tool to protect the character and scale of our neighborhood has been weaponized against renters and small businesses to do the exact opposite and result in pushing out many of our favorite small businesses on Pico Blvd. and long term renters and their families out of their homes.
City Planners and the City’s Pico Well being staff are moving forward with zoning recommendations that will allow for large scale restaurants, bars and nightclubs that have been demonstrated to usher rapid gentrification in other neighborhoods.
This is clearly a City-run Pro-GENTRIFICATION project under the guise and illusion of a rigged “public process” with the intent to push out what they consider to be “undesirable businesses and residents” from the Pico Neighborhood. Yet, the City Planners are unwavering in their recommendations and they are using their fake process while propping up a few “self-serving Pico Neighborhood residents” that participated in their workshops and now support the pro-gentrification agenda while at the same time dismissing any critical voice against the City’s zoning recommendations on Pico Blvd.
We Need Your Help to Send a Message to the Santa Monica Planning Commission and the Santa Monica City Council that we are against zoning uses that will promote gentrification and threaten the racial, ethnic and economic diversity of the Pico Neighborhood. Please Sign Our Petition!