Is Your NeighborHood Polluted ?

The California Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) publishes pollution level maps occurring  in California Cities and Towns, below is one of their maps of Santa Monica-you may notice only one Disadvantaged community exists (which is also highly polluted) and its in the Pico Neighborhood where City Planning Staff intend changing the Zoning Restrictions (restrictions that protect the neighborhood from developer pressures) those changes will allow extreme Speed Gentrification to occur rapidly. Zoning Changes on Pico Blvd will sweep out into the Residential Neighborhood and change it forever, displacement of low income renters is just one of those changes.


In the Next 2 Months City Planning staff will take these zoning changes to City council to be passed by 7 City council members, the Planning Commission has already passed those changes and will be recommending them to the City Council. The planning commission (which is fully infiltrated by the Political Party Santa Monica forward), Below you can see planning commissioners with SMF and City Council members whom elected them to the Planning Commission,  all together standing beneath a no on love poster. Let your voice be heard on the Pico WellBeing Project Zoning changes. FYI: Santa Monica Forward is also a PAC-Political Action Committee that financially pays City Councilors Election costs every 2 years, so they pay Councilors, Councilors elect them into Planning Commission Seats, planning commissioners break the neighborhoods up for developers and round and round it goes.