City Council backs the PNA on the MANGo

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On Tuesday 2/11/14, the City Council listened carefully to public comments regarding the Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway and voted unanimously to support the PNA’s position which was “Yes on the MANGo – No on traffic diverters.”  Thus the MANGo project passed Council WITHOUT the inclusion of traffic diverters and barricades.
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City Staff Fail to Include Resident Input

Pico Neighborhood Residents Surveyed R.E. MANGo project
Pico Neighborhood Residents Surveyed R.E. MANGo project

After the POP-UP MANGo in September 2013, the PNA determined that community input gathered on post-its and little scraps of paper at these events and workshops was inadequate and did not legitimately survey or address the concerns of local residents.  Thus, the PNA board voted to conduct a survey in order to gather legitimate community input from residents in the Pico Neighborhood, particularly in the areas most directly impacted by the proposed MANGo.

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